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Welcome to the world of vedic mathematics

Vedic mathematics refers to a science which owes it’s origin to Vedas. This concept has been introduced in atharva veda,one of the four venerable Vedas. The concept was subsequently elucidated by Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja, a saint of highest order.Please refer to the origin section for more details on the same.


The science of Vedic mathematics is not a set of tricks which helps you deal with specific calculations but a complete science which one can learn and use at every stage in life. A school kid, a youngster preparing for entrance examinations, college students, working professionals or housewives, the list is endless.


For example, how much time would you take to provide an answer to 9998*9887? The answer for someone familiar with the science of Vedic mathematics is 5 seconds.


The science spans all the streams of mathematics including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc.Do you want to know what it does to your brain?Go to brain link? page.


Two PHD's have already been submitted on the topic in the topmost institutes of India including IIT Chennai.


Prof Narinder Puri at IIT Roorkee was exposed to the work of Swami Bharti Krishna in the year 1985 and since then has been deeply involved with spreading the message across the globe.He has been to over 27 countries and given numerous seminars and conferences on the subject of Vedic mathematics.Please visit the page about the author for more information

Are you a parent who wants a bright future for your kids?


Are you a youngster currently studying in a school/college wanting success in life?


Are you an individual who wants to speed up his ability to do mental calculations, develop lateral thought and work on mental prowess?


If your answer to any of the above questions is yes,then read on..


Whatever Maths is being taught at the school level is essentially Vedic Ganity (VG). But only limited blanket type of procedures of VG are being taught, which lead to monotony.In addition to the popular methods, the comprehensive VG derived from the Veda, also provides one line mental and superfast methods along with quick cross checking system. Therefore, VG provides with possibility of solving the same problem in different alternative ways. A regular practice of the multiple choice VG system shall help us in following ways –

(1)               Maths a dreadful subject is converted into a playful and blissful subject, which we one could keep on learning with smiles on the face and joy in the heart.

(2)               It enriches our knowledge and understanding of Maths which shows clear links and continuity between different branches of Maths.

(3)               We are living in the age of competitions. VG methods come to us as a boon for all kinds of competitive exams.

(4)               Present Maths requires much efforts in learning. VG being most natural way of working can be learnt and mastered with very little efforts and in a very short time.

(5)               VG system also provides us with a set of checking procedure for independent cross-checking of whatever we do. If you make the habit of applying the simple and quick checks at different stages of working, we move on confidently, and keep on smiling at every stage, after confirming the correctness of our work.

(6)               The element of choice and flexibility at each stage keeps the mind lively and alert & develops clarity of mind and intuition by integrated raining of the two hemispheres of brain.Hence Holistic development of the human brain automatically takes place through VG multidimensional thinking.

(7)               The possibility of computing from left alongwith combined operation of Maths is very useful in applied Maths.

(8)               The right half of the brain has the powerful faculty of intuition, which unfortunately remains undeveloped due to the present monotonous, tedious, and blanket type of operational procedures of the popular Maths system. VG system systematically utilizes both halves of the human brain and therefore the chances of development of intuition part of the personality are increased.

(9)               The multiple choice system of VG converts Maths into a playful subject. Further, discovering and identifying the path of least action naturally creates experience of bliss and joy in the conscious mind.

(10)           It trains human brain to analyse any problem from multiple points of view and select the most efficient and convenient approach.

(11)           Further VG system at a very subtle level helps us in development of the spiritual part of personality, and according to saints it can be of a very natural, effortless and flawless way for rising to the natural state of all knowingness, which as a human being is our birth-right.

In brief VG is a blessing of the Veda for the whole humanity.

Which of the following describes you?


Are you a parent who wants a bright future for your kids?


Vedic mathematics promotes mental mathematics and develops lateral thinking and sharpens the mental skills of your child. This provides the perfect antidote to the flaws in the current educational system which promotes rote learning.


Success in today’s competitive environment requires a child to think quickly and be able to provide multiple solutions to every problem. This is precisely what Vedic mathematics develops in the child.


Let us look at an example of lateral thinking. What comes to your mind when faced with the problem 2345*8234.A calculator? Or a pen and a piece of paper?


A student of Vedic mathematics would instead think of the numerous ways he could solve this problem, decide on the optimum way and start telling you the answer verbally.


One might wonder if this is a set of tricks to speed up calculations. Nothing can be farther from truth than this. Vedic mathematics is an organized science which derives its existence from Vedas, the most authentic of Indian heritage.


There is no right age to learn Vedic mathematics; one has to start as early as possible.


Are you a youngster currently studying in a school/college wanting success in life?


Mathematics is the core of most of the streams one pursues and Vedic mathematics can provide you with an added advantage over your peergroup.You don’t need to go further than answer this question? What would be 85*85.Instead of rushing for a calculator or a piece of paper, you just need to add one to 8 and multiply this number with 8.Hence the answer is =9*8=72,write 5*5 next to it and there you go! The answer is 7225.


What does it do to you? Every time you want the square of a number whose last digit is 5, you know the answer in a split second. This builds up your confidence as also cuts out your time for solving any mathematical problem. Taking the example of graduate entrance examinations like JEE, CBSE, TOEFL etc or postgraduate entrance examinations viz. CAT/GMAT/JMET etc., the stress is on quick and intelligent brainwork during the exams. However one would often find average people who make it to these famed colleges based on their efforts and skill set imbibed during preparation. What gets them success is quick logical thinking and response. These precisely are the skills that Vedic mathematics helps you build.


Are you an individual who wants to speed up his ability to do mental calculations, develop lateral thought and work on mental prowess?


Vedic mathematics offers you with a wide variety of choice and methods to solve every problem. For example for a simple calculation like 998*967, Vedic mathematics offers you more than four possible options to solve it. Complete understanding and practicing of this science can do wonders to your mental prowess and make you an agile thinker.


Apart from this, in every phase of life, one has to deal with numbers. Ability to do mental mathematics helps you to excel in every situation and make intelligent guesses which greatly aids in the success one derives at personal life and at work.

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