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Professor Narinder Puri,IIT Roorkee,proud to be an Indian!

Born and Brought up at Ferozepur Cantonment, Punjab, Prof Puri has always been an achiever. After completing his B.E. in Civil Engineering from M.B.M. engineering college,Rajasthan,India he completed his Masters in Structural engineering from BITS Pilani,Rajasthan.During this period Prof Puri developed a keen interest in religion and his technical background helped him separate fact from fiction.


Shunning the  multiple job offers to join the corporate world, he instead decided to join IIT Roorkee (then University of Roorkee),Uttaranchal,India.

This is because he wanted to keep close to his single biggest passion, teaching.


During this period he was introduced to the book on Vedic Mathematics written by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha Maharaj, who is generally considered the doyen of this discipline. Prof Puri saw this as an opportunity to spread the knowledge of mathematical universe contained in Vedanta and thus began the spiritual journey.


What followed was a whirlwind tour of the world which included visits to 11 states in USA and over 14 European countries spreading the spark of India to the globe. These visits included lectures to the most renowned universities in the world including Standford University,IOWA University,MIU ,Queens University Canada, Mexican University Mexico, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial college London, Technical University Germany, National University of Singapore, IT Bangkok Thailand, Stockholm University Sweden as also Universities at Norway,Spain,France,Berlin,Switzerland,Holland,Finland, etc.


He also conducted Intercontinental Teacher Training Programme on Vedic Mathematics at Seelisburg Switzerland for the European teachers,fairfield IOQA and Washington DC for teachers of American Sub-continent and University of Mexico in 1988.


He has also guided 2 Ph.D.’s including the first Ph.D. work in Vedic Mathematics,68 postgraduate thesis and 85 PG seminars and projects.


Apart from spreading the word of Indian Vedas across the world,Prof Puri has been keenly interested in spreading the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics in the roots , i.e. India. This included numerous lectures/conferences and presentations which cannot be mentioned here for want of space!


Current pursuits:


Professor in Structures, Civil Engineering Deptt.,IIT Roorkee,India


Life Member and Fellow of a number of Societies and Public NGO’s bodies like IABSE, Switzerland; IGS, ISHM, ISTE, ISDT, DMTA, AMTI, ISEM, ISAM, GSTC, SSG (Founder Secretary), RGRS (General Secretary) etc.


Member of BOS of Mathematics faculty of Maharshi Dayanand University, Ajmer; Faculty of Arch. Jai Narain Viyas University, Jodhpur.


Member, Vedic Mathematics Research Group of Maharishi Sandeepni Ved Vidya Pratisthan of MHRD, Ujjain.

of MHRD, Ujjain.

Maths with smiles