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Brain Link?

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What does it do to your brain?

According to the brain specialists the left half of the brain, systematically collects the information, does sequential analysis and arrives at the logical conclusions and results. Only left half of the brain is activated and developed by the present maths education, being given in the schools and colleges.


The right half of the human brain works with pattern recognition and has the capability of intuition. This most powerful facet of human personality – the intuitive faculty, unfortunately, remains undeveloped in most of the students.


 In Vedic Mathematics system, the very first step is to recognize the pattern of the problem and pick up the most effective Vedic algorithm. Further, at each subsequent step, we recognize the pattern and complete the task by using the appropriate super fast, mental working procedure. As in Vedic Maths we have multiple choices available at each stage of working. This practice systematically develops the right half of the brain as well. As such by the regular practice of the most natural mental procedures of Vedic maths system, the holistic development of the human brain automatically takes place.


Ask any successful manager or worker, the most important thing needed to succeed in the corporate world today is lateral thinking, ability to generate multiple options for every given problem or situation. Vedic mathematics does precisely this!

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