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Where/how did it all begin?Interested in knowing the roots?Read on..

Vedas are the oldest scriptures of humanity. The concept of zero was given to humanity by Veda. Vedas introduces the Dashmalav Padati which is now popularly known as Decimal System.Out of the four venerable vedas(Rig veda,Atharva veda,Sam Veda and Yajurveda), Vedic mathematics owes its existence to Atharvaveda.This veda contained the entire concept of Vedic mathematics as it is known today.Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960), a scholar of Sanskrit, Mathematics, History and Philosophy picked up the concept from the vedas and elucidated it during the period 1910 and 1920. Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, who was also the former Shankaracharya (major religious leader) of Puri, India, established the techniques of this system in his pioneering work — Vedic Mathematics, which is considered the starting point for all work on Vedic math.

It is widely believed that Bharti Krishna’s original 16 volumes of work expounding the Vedic system were lost or stolen and the single volume which he wrote towards his final years is the one which was published five years after his death.

There was some work done in the interim but was confined to individual pursuits and none of it was intended to bring this subject onto the masses. During the middle of 1980’s Prof N.Puri from India and some scholars including Kenneth Williams, Andrew Nicholas and Jeremy Pickles from UK took interest in this new system.

What followed was a world tour by Professor N. Puri spreading the message of Vedic mathematics to the globe as also visits by some foreign scholars to India to understand it better. There were several books released during this period including Pushp 1, Pushp 2, Pushp 3 and also several books exploring advanced applications authored by Prof Puri as also some others written by foreign scholars.

These individuals had thereby introduced the idea of Vedic mathematics to the masses. As the topic became well known several scholars Indian and foreigners took up the topics in Vedic mathematics in their dissertations and thesis and explored it further.

Professor Puri meanwhile has been researching the subject thoroughly and has decided to reintroduce the new versions of Pushp 1, Pushp 2 and Pushp 3 as also author new books targeted at specific segments of users. Keep watching this website for more information on the same.



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