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Vedic system provides large number of choices in almost every thing we want to do. The very first step is to recognize the pattern and pick up the most efficient method. This task of pattern recognition along with mental working activities the righthalf of the brain which has the capability of intuition. Thus, with the regular practice of Vedic Maths and its most natural mental procedures, the holistic development of the human brain automatically takes place. Within a couple of years, we shall naturally develop the intuitive faculty – the most powerful facet of the human personality, which unfortunately remains undeveloped in most of the cases.


The available books have been mentioned here with a brief synopsis. Apart from this the correspondence course is also available, the details of which have been mentioned in the page on correspondence courses.






Pushp-1  introduces the application of Sutras to multiplication tables, addition, subtraction along with Vedic Check for addition & subtraction All these topics are not available in the first book on Vedic mathematics written by Swami Bharti Krishna Tirthaji. Further, it also introduces Vedic Check Method for multiplication. The check methods provide a golden system to cross check any calculation to ensure 100% accuracy in mathematical calculations. Pushp-1 includes the first three sutras along with their application in solving problems of multiplication of different types of numbers & the smiling method of computing the numerical value of recurring decimals.


            Chapter-8 introduces three corollaries to the NIKHILAM sutra. Chapter -9 introduces the third sutra URDHVA TIRYAGBHYAM, which is in simple English means vertically & crosswise. This sutra is very powerful & applicable & solving the large class of problems in mathematics (Ref. 2).

            Chapter-12 highlights the multiple choice for solving the simple arithmetical questions of number, addition, subtraction & multiplication.

            Chapter-13 includes glimpses of further application of these sutras in solving the problem of compoundment application, division, fractions, square-root, cube-root & algebraic applications, in division, solution of equation, determinants simultaneously equation, curve fitting, experiential & powers and roots of bio-quadratic equation of fourth powers. Each chapter is followed by un-solved examples. All the answers are given in the end.







            Chapter-1 VINCULUM  numbers are a unique feature of Vedic mathematics. A Vinculum number is a number which consists of both positive & negative digits, this aspect introduces a completely different approach to mathematics and opens up multiple possibilities of approaching any calculation. The vinculum numbers have been briefly introduce in Chapter-3 of Pushp-1. The vinculum operations along with addition, subtraction & multiplication of vinculum numbers form the first chapter of Pushp-2. Chapter-2 present the straight application of the vedic vinculum approach in obtaining direct answer of questions of mixed addition & subtraction. The following chapter introduces the smiling vedic check method for the operations of vinculum numbers. Compound additing & subtraction alongwith their check method is introduced in Chapter-4. Compound multiplication-square & cubic measures along with algebraic approach is the topic of Chapter-5. The NIKHILAM method is applied for solving a large class of multiplication using the base & sub-base in the following chapter.

            Chapter - 7, further introduces two more corollaries  of Nikhilam sutra. The general method of multiplication using URDVA SUTRA is drastically simplified by using the unique Vinculum approach of vedic mathematics along with the ‘few seconds’ check methods (Chapter-8)

            Application of the Nikhilam sutra to the problem of division by numbers with large digits is presented in Chapter-9 and the PARAVARTAYA  METHOD for super-fast division by numbers with smaller digits is the subject matter of Chapter-10. The following chapter presents the application of the vedic check method. The DHVAJANK METHOD (on the top of the flag) is the general vedic methods for straight one line division and is called as the CROWNING JEM of vedic mathematics by Shankara Charya Swami Bharati Krishen Tirathji is introduced in Chapter-12. Chapter-13 presents once again the multiple choice available for solving a problem of division in 13 different ways. The answer of the unsolved problems are included.






            First chapter introduces addition using PURAK (compliments). This is followed by subtraction in VINCULUM form. Chapter 3 & 4 present the possibility of direct multiplication using different bases & sub-bases, respectively. Chapter-5 shows the direct application of three number using different bases. Chapter-6 present the general method of squaring using URDVA SUTRA this is followed by the Chapter 8 on division & squaring using DWANDA YOGA, cubing & square rooting are the subject matter of the Chapter – 9 & 10. Chapter 11 presents application in solving problems of practice & proportion. This is followed by a very interesting & thought proving vedic numerical code. The 13th chapter once again illustrates the multiple choices available in basic operation of arthematic alongwith more than a dozen choices for squaring of numbers.

            The book ends with glimpses of further applications in arthematic, algebraic, trigonometry, calculus as well as possibility of working from the left to right and, of course the answer of problems. 


This book deals with higher applications of vedic mathematics.

Maths with smiles