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Correspondence course

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We are currently running two correspondence courses:


1)One month correspondence course


A 16 hour,high speed crash course targetted at school children.The duration of this course is one month and it provides hourly course material for 16 hours.


Current price:Rs 499 only(We bear the courier charges!).

Launch date:15th January,2008

Registration has started already!


We also provide a one hour assesment test along which needs to be completed and sent back to us to get the completion certificate from the Institute of Vedic Mathematics.We also e-mail this test paper along while sending the material, so you can even send back a soft copy of the answers.

Bulk discounts available for teachers/others.We provide fifth correspondence set free of cost with the purchase of every four sets.


2) An eighteen month correspondence


This course is broken into 3 parts of six months each


Launch date:1st January 2001


Part 1 cost:Rs 1000,duration six months,includes six chapters,4 bands


Part 2 cost:Rs 1000,duration six months,includes six chapters,4 bands


Part 3 cost:Rs 1000,duration six months,includes six chapters,4 bands


We offer a  discount of Rs 400 if you subscribe for all three parts!Also we bear the courier charges.


You can also subscribe only for part 1 for Rs 1000.


This has been developed by our expert team keeping in mind all your requirements in mind. This is ideal for people who wish to understand the concepts of Vedic Mathematics thoroughly and learn to apply them. Candidates for this course also get other benefits.


The completion of all the three parts ensures complete understanding of Vedic Mathematics.


You can send your contact details to obtain a free copy of brochure and other offers.


Please find below the cover pages of the four sets.


Band 1,correspondence course


Band 2 ,correspondence course


Band 3,correspondence course


Band 4,correspondence course

What next?

Our expert faculty is currently working on another course targetted at competitive examination mathematics and another one for school children.This is taking time because we want to give you the best!

Please mail back in case you are interested in the other two courses being currently designed.

Plenty more to come,please mail in at the e-mail id mentioned in 'contact us' and we would contact you with all the new releases and launches as and when they happen.

Discounted offers for all future releases would be provided for all the contact id's provided herein.


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